Astrid Walsh

Astrid Walsh was brought up and raised in the small wheatbelt town of Quairading, in Ballardong Country. She joined the Wirnda Barna Art Centre with her parents-in-law, Anne and Frank Walsh (Snr), who encouraged her to join. Astrid is from a strong Noongar family. She is married to Badimia man, Frank (Bucko) Walsh (Jnr). With her own style, Astrid paints about Ballardong Country and her family and grandchildren.

“We like going out on walks, looking for bush tucker and having cook ups to share, teaching our children today about Country and what I’ve been taught; knowledge of our culture, respect, customs, beliefs and values, that my elders (my dad, uncles, aunties who have now passed away) have spoken to me about our way of life in Noongar Country. I have taught my kids, and now teach my grandchildren what I’ve been taught from generations to generations to come.”

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